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Preparing a Future...

Published by Ken Nunes on 20/10/2015

We were recently invited to make a presentation to the School Governing Body (SGB) of a Johannesburg High School. As you will all know, SGB meetings are generally at the end of a long day, where crucial decisions are taken regarding the management of schools, often hard to get a full quorum to attend. It was therefore wonderfully refreshing to see all members of the SGB present, together with three learners of the school, representing the children of the school...!!!

With all the criticism we hear about learners, it is important, whilst congratulating the Administrators and the SGB of the school, to also congratulate the three pupils for accepting this challenge to activly participate in the good management of their school, which bodes well for their future and the future of developing a culture of inclusion of all the stakeholders involved.

We have since been advised this may not be uncommon...for us, it was a first and certainly a comforting one. It is so easy to overlook the amazing work taking place in our schools by so many...including our children...