2019/2020 Water Increases UPDATE

Having now received Water invoices from Schools in July 2019, the Estimated Readings detail the NEW 2019/2020 Water Charges, which came into effect in July 2019.

The following Increases will come as no surprise:
WATER CHARGES: R32.14 (From 28.70 up to 200 KL) 11.99% Increase
WATER CHARGES: R35.68 (From 28.70 above 200 KL) 14.99% Increase
SEWAGE CHARGES: R25.08 (From R22.82) 9.90% Increase
DEMAND MANAGEMENT LEVY: R219.58 (From R198.98) 10.35% Increase
VAT of course remains the same at 15%

Depending on your schools Average Monthly Water Consumption, this will translate to Rand Value as follows:
450 KL Average Monthly Consumption - Increase: R3,321.32 (Including VAT) Effective 12.05% - Annual Increase: R40,000.00
750 KL Average Monthly Consumption - Increase: R5,705.27 (Including VAT) Effective 12.37% - Annual Increase: R68,500.00
1,000 KL Average Monthly Consumption - Increase of: R7,691.90 (Including VAT) Effective 12.48% - Annual Increase: R92,300.00

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For more information, you can also email us at: mail@suntricity.co.za or call directly to 072 083 6565 and speak to Hendry van Branden - CEO Suntricity.