2020/2021 Joburg Water Increases

Following the publication of the annual increase of Water  2020/2021 (See Here >>>>>), we have updated our Water Increase graph above, which details the Average Cost of Water per KL for Schools in Johannesburg from July 2020 to June 2021 is approximately R75.58 per KL including Sewage Charges and VAT.

As can be seen, Suntricity has tracked the Evolution of Water Cost in Johannesburg since 2012. For the year 2020/2021, Water/Sewage has increased by approximately 9.50%.

Bearing in mind the Average Water Consumption, this will impact your schools as follows:

Primary SchoolAverage Consumption per Annum 5,500 KL: New Cost ±R415,690.00 (From R379,630.00) - an annual increase of approximately R36,000, should Water Consumption be the same.

Secondary/High School: Average Consumption per Annum 11,060 KL: New Cost ±R835,900.00 (From R763,400.00) - an annual increase of approximately R72,500, , should Water Consumption be the same.

This effectively means that Water/Sewage Costs have increased by 265% since 2012 and will no doubt continue this upward trend for the foreseeable future. 

We again encourage all schools to carry out constant monitoring of Water Consumption, in order to reduce these massive increases.