60% Water Consumed Outside of School Hours

Water consumption in Schools in Johannesburg is a serious issue, particularly considering the ongoing water shortages in parts of South Africa.
Importantly, schools can very quickly discover their water consumption and cost over the past 2 to 3 years through Municipal Invoice Analysis, one of the fundamental objectives of Firstlook™. 

Having studied the Municipal accounts of almost 150 schools over the last 4 years, we can say with some confidence that the average water consumption in schools (invoiced by Municipalities) is:
  • 6,600 KL is Primary Schools
  • 12,150 KL in Secondary/High Schools
The worrying trend however, is that through a Manual Water Monitoring programme recently carried out in 10 schools in Johannesburg, we discovered that more than 50% of water is being consumed during the hours of 4PM and 7AM, which we refer to as OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS. In the above example, 66% of water consumed is OUTSIDE School Hours, whilst a mere 34% DURING School Hours.
Manual Water Monitoring is an extremely cost effective exercise, which all schools should adopt as part of their efficiency and cost saving strategy for 2019.

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