AQUASTOP™ - What a Difference a Year Makes

Having monitored and tracked Water Consumption Outside Of School Hours for some time, Suntricity conceived and developed AQUASTOP™, aimed specifically at eliminating water waste when no one is at school. 

A Pilot Demonstration Project of AquaStop™ was installed at Northcliff Primary on the 1st December 2017, and we are now able to publish (for the first time), the significant difference AQUASTOP™ has made over the first 9 months of September 2018.

Water consumption at Northcliff Primary has been reduced by at 50%, implying real savings for the year of R125,000.00.

The above graph compares the present water costs in 22 Primary Schools in Johannesburg, where the huge potential for savings is illustrated. The study is based on Municipal Invoices and charges paid by the schools.

With water costs having increased in Johannesburg by 20% from June 2018, Schools really do need to make a plan...

Suntricity is here to accompany you strategy towards reducing costs of Electricity and Water every step of the way...for further information please contact us on: