Average Water & Sewage Charges in Johannesburg 2016/2017

With the 2016/2017 Municipal Water & Sewage increases now fully implemented into the invoices at Schools in Johannesburg, we can now report the NEW Average Costs of Water & Sewage Charges for the next 12-months - to July 2017.

From the graph generated by FIRSTLOOK™, the following statistics are established:
2014/2015     R35,80 per KL
2015/2016     R39,20 per KL  (  9.5% Increase)
2016/2017     R44.80 per KL  (14.3% Increase)

Taking into consideration the sever drought in Johannesburg and the rest South Africa these last years, and the various actions taken by Municipalities, it is very possible that the cost of Water in our Province for the year 2017/2018 will be significantly higher in the coming years.

Whilst we focus these discussions on costs, we would underline that there are environmental and social considerations, which must now be taken into consideration.

Wasting water through the lack of maintenance cannot be allowed to continue and we urge all Administrators of schools, to make every effort and take every action to reduce consumption of this crucial and scarce resource.