Boekenhout Primary Energy Efficiency and Solar PV

In 2014, Hendry and I were involved in the Energy and Climate Change Strategy (ECCS) in Public Sector Buildings for the Department of Energy (DOE). One of the concluding recommendations made was to carry out a series of Pilot Project, financed by the DOE, aimed at proving the potential savings that would be achieved, should a variety of energy efficiency measures be implemented, together with the installation of a Solar PV system.
The ECCS programme put forward a selections of buildings to carry out the Pilot Project, one of which was Boekenhout Primary School in Eldorado Park, as Suntricity had already carried out extensive monitoring to the electricity consumption of the school.
In March 2017, the DOE formally initiated the work, funded by SANEDI, where, as recommended, a number of initiatives were included: 
  • LED Lighting throughout the school
  • Some classrooms fitted with Double Glazed windows
  • Natural ventilation
  • Lighting sensors
  • Solar PV Electricity system
The outcome and deliverables are being monitored by the University of Pretoria M&V programme an the conclusion of the final report will be published during 2017.
We will do our best to bring the results to your attention.