COJ Invoices Electricity & Water - Actual v Estimated

After 3 months of studying 2019 COJ Municipal Invoices, it is interesting to compare Actual v Estimated invoices issues to school by the Municipality for Electricity & Water.

WATER: Of the 162 - 31.48% were ESTIMATED INVOICES
Overall, 23.71% of the Total Invoices issued by the Municipality between Jan and March 2019, were Estimated Invoices.

The predominant Estimate Invoices is that of Water/Sewage (31.48%), where in our experience, is one of the principle causes of Billing errors. Indeed, the article published by Suntricity in September 2018 entitled Common Causes of Incorrect Billing: Extended Estimated Reading Periods, describes precisely the problem Estimated Billing can cause.

The article recommends: Schools must make a date-stamped photograph (at least) at the end of each month, so that in the eventuality of Municipal account problems, schools are able to present "proof to the contrary".

Your school is at risk if you do not record your Municipal Meter Readings at least once a month. It actually takes no more than 5-minutes, therefore, there is no reason for schools not to do this. Suntricity has helped several schools reduce their water consumption by 50%, where readings are taken twice daily at 7am and at 4pm, which are uploaded to our AquaStop™ Online Platform, in order to understand the real consumption patterns of the school.

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