COJ's Online e-Services

I am always impressed how easy it is to have access to the monthly Electricity and Water invoices in Joburg, via the City of Johannesburg excellent online platform COJ e-Services.

Access is very easy, although you will need to have your Account Number and PIN Number for both the Electricity & Water invoices.

It does somehow seem to dependent on the browser used. My preferred browser is Safari, although to gain access to e-services, I find using Firefox more successful. I’m sure there are technical reasons for this, but it’s not really interesting here.

The service tend to be off line at times and it is frustrating if you want to get things done at a certain time or day. Don’t waste time if you are advised LOGIN FAILED. It’s a system issue (I guess) and it’s just best to just try later. I actually fine late evenings ideal...

I do also like the fact that e-services keep at least 3 years of electricity and water bills online, which is perfect for the activities of First Look, as some schools have difficulty locating three years of utility bills.

Signing up is really very easy. If your school does not receive your utility bills by e-mail, you can sign up here: COJ e-Services