Collecting and Analysing Data in Important

Municipal Electricity and Water tariff increases take effect on the 1st July every year and although we are in turbulent times, 2020 is not exception. We can close our eyes and hope it will go away or maybe we won't notice, but the reality is, from the 1st July 2020, the following approximate Municipal Tariffs increases apply:


WATER:  9.5%

If we combined the overall increase to just 11% and understand that the combined average Primary school annual Electricity and Water Cost is approximately R750,000.00, the average school Electricity and Water costs from July 2020 to June 2021 will increase by approximately R82,500.00.

Considering Electricity and Water costs in 2019/2020 increased by a not dissimilar amount (in the case of Water this was an average of 12.5%), surely it is time for your school to start "collecting data" of your monthly and annual Electricity and Water costs and to begin to take control of your Municipal Costs.

Suntricity has worked exclusively with schools since 2012 in Johannesburg, helping schools achieve significant savings and have created cost effective online tools to make the task of collecting data painless, which we are able to analyse, accompany and guide you on how you can make substantial savings, to help you mitigate these Municipal increases. 

For more information, email us at: or call directly to 072 083 6565 and speak to Hendry van Branden - CEO Suntricity.

Header photo by Lukas from Pexels