As we are all well aware, Municipal tariffs take effect from the 1st July of each year for both Electricity and Water and in spite of the turmoil’s of 2020, the same occurred in 2020.

The increases will begin to reflect in the August Municipal accounts - consumption that occurs in July is invoiced in August. The increases for Johannesburg are approximately 12.5% Electricity and 9.50% WATER.

Combined an annual increase to 11% on the total average cost of Electricity & Water, schools in Johannesburg will need to budget accordingly as follows:

With the effects of Covid-19 to the school’s revenue has been dramatic. With much of the income generated by schools fees and funding events, the lockdown is taking its toll on the entire structure. 

Schools are of course trying to be creative, although reducing costs must surely be one of the major priorities of each and every one involved in the structure.

Over the last years, Suntricity has collaborated with many schools where the cost saving of Electricity and Water has been a priority for some time. It all starts with understanding the schools Electricity and Water Consumption, collecting as much historical data as possible and to gather consumption data (particularly water consumption) OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to painstakingly understand the status quo consumption and cost and the sooner this process is started the sooner you can begin to understand where savings can be made.

Suntricity has posted many blogs ( over the last years, which gives an overview of the actions other schools have taken to eliminate waste and reduce costs of utility services and will be a guide to help you to get started.

Reducing the cost of Electricity and Water is really an imperative in 2020 and you can count on Suntricity to support you through this very important journey.