Electricity Consumption & Cost in Primary Schools in Johannesburg 2021

As referenced on the Average Water Consumption in Primary Schools in Johannesburg, one of the main effects of COVID-19 in schools in 2020 and 2021 has been the reduction of revenue stream events. This, coupled with many parents being unable to pay schools fees, has created severe budgetary constraints for schools. Schools must therefore look to reduce their cost, with one obvious cost centre being utility electricity and water costs.

This article focuses on the average Consumption and Cost of Electricity in Primary Schools in Johannesburg, based on Municipal Invoices. 

From the graph detailed, the monthly average electricity (kWh) consumption, vary between 5,894 kWh (February, which corresponds to January) and 11,761 kWh (September, which corresponds to August) and a total annual consumption of 109,500 kWh, at a present annual cost (2021) of R340,000 (Johannesburg).

Many schools have already substituted all lighting fittings for LED's, with a few already having installed Solar PV Systems. However, with ongoing negotiations of electricity tariff increases in 2022 in excess of 20% being discussed, many schools are indeed actively looking looking to ensure they are part of the first wave of Solar installations, where it is possible to reduce consumption by as much as 80%.

Suntricity is able to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your electricity consumption based on Municipal Invoices.

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