Electricity Increases 2019/2020

With Municipal Invoices in Johannesburg already being received (in early August), Schools are, for the first time, seeing the effective increase in Electricity Tariffs, which came into effect in July.

The increase adds another approximately ± 12.3% to the annual Electricity bill, which for the average Primary School, implies ±R42,700 per annum.
Note: A more precise annual calculation will be published when the Summer Rates are presented in the October invoices.
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The old adage of How to Cook a Frog springs to mine: The best way to cook a frog is to put him in a pot of cold water and slowly bring to the boil. Tendencially, the frog would look to jump out of the pot, should he be places in hot water.

Schools can happily bask in the slowly warming waters being brought to the boil over time, absorbing all the additional cost by simply increasing the parents contribution of school fees. Let's face it, which parent could possibly criticise an SGB for not budgeting extra funds for the introduction of Efficiency and Cost saving measures? (Sic)

The Municipality has effectively increased the average school Electricity & Water Costs by a minimum of R80,000.00 between July 2019 and June 2020. In most schools this will easily surpass R100,000.00. It's another R10.00 a month per Learner...no one will notice that surely (more Sic).

Alternatively, schools can choose to take action and save substantial amounts of money by simply being efficient and eliminate waste....It's a long process and it's hard work, which is certainly never the flavour of the month...but the rewards are enormous and will save hundreds of thousands of Rand each and every year for your school.

It could certainly be the difference of introducing White Boards to your school from the money saved on Electricity and Water. Worth it?
Act Now!!!