Evolution of Average Electricity Costs in Johannesburg from 2012/2013 to 2021/2022

This blog studies a similar period of Electricity Tariff increases in Johannesburg as the published article on Water Tariff increases over a 10-years period of  between 2012/2013 and 2021/2022. We have used the exact same principles and the graph above gives Administrators and SGB a clear visual of the trajectory electricity tariffs will follow over the next 10-years.

As can be seen, the graph details average electricity costs in COJ over 10-years 2012/2013 to 2021/2022, increasing from R1.62 to R3.43. This is an almost 212% increase over the study period. NOTE: Average kWh cost is calculated as follows: Total Invoice Rand Value (including all ancillary charges and VAT) divided by total kWh's invoiced.

We already know that the present (2021) average electricity in Primary schools is: 109,500 kWh, at a present annual cost (2021) of R340,000 (Johannesburg). And we already know this will continues on the same path, with discussions between ESKOM and NERSA painting scary images for 2022.

Schools will therefore be faced with an average kWh cost of electricity in 2031/2032 of approximately R7.30 per kWh - which as detailed above, if the average consumption remains the same, translates to a then annual average electricity cost of R800,000 per annum.

10-years is not such a long time that we can choose to ignore these very scary numbers. Introducing efficiency measures and a renewable energy strategy is an imperative for 2022.

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