Evolution of Average Water Costs in Johannesburg from 2012/2013 to 2021/2022

With schools grappling to reduce their Municipal Water Costs, one of the criteria needed to be understood is the AVERAGE COST OF WATER. By simply multiplying their average monthly consumption by the average KL cost detailed in the graph above, it is relatively easy to understand some historic values, the school has has over the period. 

It would be true to say that this is really not rocket science! And it's obvious that the more you consume, the higher your water charges will be.

However, understanding the historical increases, we are able to understand the importance of investing in the schools ageing infrastructure in order to reduce cost.

The above graph studies increases over a period of 10-years 2012/2013 to 2021/2022, increasing from R28.50 to R80.72. This is an almost 300% increase in the study period. NOTE: Average KL cost is calculated as follows: Total Invoice Rand Value (including all ancillary charges and VAT) divided by total KL invoiced.

Now imagine this actually continues on the same path over the next ten years, schools will be faced with an average KL cost of water in 2031/2032 of approximately R240.00 per KL. Should consumption remain the same (presently annual 4,599 KL in 2021), the annual cost would be R1,110,000 - from the present R370,000.

Administrators and SGB's can't hide from this reality, therefore, the only way to mitigate these increases is for schools to become more efficient, i.e. reduce consumption. Many schools are already going through the process, which can be used as references.

Should your school wish to be part of these savings, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: mail@suntricity.co.za or call on 011 534 8695 or 066 307 0893.