First Look - Creating Benchmarks from Historical Data

I have had the pleasure to speak with several school Principals and Bursars over the last week, introducing First Look as an information tool of electricity and water costs and how this can be beneficial to schools.

A constant reaction has been the lack of existing information of how schools  (i.e. their individual schools) compare with other schools of similar characteristics.

Being able to visualise historical data (3-years), from a monthly and annual perspective, on a single graph, as well as understanding consumption from the perspective of Consumption per Day per Learner are all seen as positive steps in how creating benchmarks will enable targeting efficiency in schools as a priority.

There is much that the historical data of monthly Municipality invoices can tell us. The importance of the information is however amplified when we understand and can compare a large cross-section of schools on the First Look Platform.

To include your school on the First Look Platform, please contact