Home Page - Explanation Requested

We have been requested to explain what the graphs on the First Look hope page represents. It’s a fair point…

The main objective of First Look (see here for more details) is to provide an initial indication (a first look☺) at the consumption and costs of electricity and water in schools in South Africa. 

To achieve this, we are uploading to the First Look database, the data contained in all utility bills (electricity and water) for schools, for a period of 3-years, which generates the 4 main KPI’s for each school.

The 4 KPI's on the Home Page, represents the total consumption and costs of all the schools on the database, which (as can be seen) generates totals and average consumption of the collective of schools.

Whilst all the KPI's are important, KPI 4 (Consumption per day per learner) is interesting, as we immediately see the “average” daily consumption in kWh and Litres attributed to each learner.

Please do not hesitate to write to us for further explanations: mail@firstlook.co.za