Information is Power

The news that the electricity supply at one of Johannesburg’s High Schools was disconnected by the Municipality last week (28th January), could be seen as a wake up call. Sad as it is, it is the consequence of hoping the non-payment of utility services at schools will simply go away if it is ignored for long enough.

Whether the act of disconnecting the electricity supply is justifiable is a question of another day.

In our opinion, what is not necessarily justifiable is the fact that the Department of Education must now intervene and resolve the issue, (left pending for too long), which will inevitably mean the payment of the account (more than likely without understanding the “real cause”), and the issue disappears and everything returns to “normal”.

Normal, in this case, is the resumption of same rules: of waste, over billing and non-payment, until the next time the cycle repeats itself. 

Truth is, no one gains from these situations, certainly not the children and teachers, who are forced to work without electricity in a 21st Century classroom.

We urge schools Administrators to take action and have their utility services analysed (Electricity & Water). It is a FREE SERVICE provided by FirstLook™ and one that will eventually avoid the indignity of having their services (albeit temporarily) interrupted.