Installing LED Lighting in Schools

Replacing your school's existing and very energy consuming fluorescent lamps with LED Lamps is a strong recommendation of Suntricity.

The fact that LED equivalent consume at least 60% less electricity, schools looking to reduce consumption (and therefore costs) it's an obvious LOW HANGING FRUIT.

The majority of our schools however opt for: We will replace all our existing fluorescent lamps with LED's as each lamp blows.

Whilst this may be considered a logical argument, it makes little financial sense. The cost of an LED lamp is now very affordable, and by waiting for 6-months or more for the existing fluorescent lamp to blow, the savings in electricity over the "waiting period" is far more than the initial cost of the LED Lamp.

And it was on this basis I was extremely happy with the decision of one Principal I met with this week, who said: We have waited long enough...we will now change all the existing lamps to our Admin Block IMMEDIATELY - including all the external lamps that are constantly on all night".