Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

The saying “the devil is in the detail” certainly helps us to understand what First Look is all about.

Most of us, when we receive our Utility Bill (electricity or water), tend to do one thing…and one thing only: Look at the total charge for the month!!! If the value is more or less within the ballpark of normal, we feel a sense of relief and pay.

The actual consumption (in kWh or KL) barely gets a glance; nor the number of days the invoice relates to; cost per kWh, or KL, or the fact that ±50% of the water bill considers Sanitation, etc, etc. The simple truth is: it’s all about the money.

At First Look, we are looking to change this through the introduction of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), simple visual aids to provide schools Administrators easy references to consumption and cost patterns.

For now, four main KPI’s have presently been created. These are:

Monthly Consumption & Cost: How does this month invoice consumption and cost compare with the last 3 years.

Annual Consumption: How does your present annual consumption and costs compare to the last two years.

Cost Breakdown: What portion of your invoice is directly related to electricity and water.

Consumption per Pupil: What is the cost per pupil per day of electricity and water (see this article for further explanation of Consumption per pupil per day).

As the application evolves, further important KPI’s will be added to bring further clarity, which will include:

  • Is the invoice based on actual or estimated readings;
  • Comparison between Municipal Invoices and ESKOM Invoices;
  • Historical cost per kWh and KL;
  • Projected costs per kWh and KL
  • A “league table” of the most efficient schools on the application;
  • More…