KPI - Average Cost of Electricity and Water

We are happy to report a further addition to the growing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of FirstLook. This latest edition indicates the Average Cost of Electricity (kWh) and Water (KL) at your school.
This is important for several reasons:
  • Average Electricity Charges enables you to see the need for efficiency measures, which can give an idea of Pay Back Periods on investments.
  • Average Electricity Charges can also indicate the viability of installing a Solar PV Installation - in general, average electricity rates of over R1.50/kWh is within the range where a Solar PV System will become viable. The higher the average electricity rate, the quicker the pay-back on investment.
Similar benefits are of course available for Average Water Charges.
KPI's are aimed to give the school's Administrators a better understanding of consumption and costs, and is an extremely cost effective way of bringing about change.
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