KPI - Consumption per Learner

Consumption per learner should be a relatively easy KPI to establish, although some care needs to be taken. Utility Invoices indicate the consumption being billed for Electricity (in kWh) and Water (in KL). The tendency would therefore be to use the total consumption value for the year and divide this by the number of learners to give Consumption per Learner. This, in principle, would be correct.

First Look has, however, consider that learners are only at school approximately 200 days a year. The actual school days over the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 are as follows:

2013   202 Days (

2014   201 Days (

2015   197 Days (

2016   199 Days (


The calculation for the Average Consumption per Learner, per Day for electricity is therefore the following:

Total kWh per year / School Days Per Year / Total Number of Learners.

Total Consumption Per Learner is therefore stated in kWh.


A similar calculation is made for the Average Consumption per Learner per Day for water:

Total KL per year / 1000 / School Days Per Year / Total Number of Learners

To establish a value we can all understand the Consumption Per Learner for water is stated in Litres.

Further clarifications:

  • It is understood that utilising the total number of Learners does not include the number of Teaching and Admin Staff.
  • No extra curricula consumption (outside of school hours/days or weekends) is taken into account.
  • Some schools will have swimming pools and shower facilities, other do not.
  • Some schools will water their sports fields, others may not.

We have assumed that these all form part of the consumption per learner and will reflect a lower/higher per learner value for each school.