KPI - Efficiency League Table

With over 50 schools now forming part of the FirstLook™ Online Platform, we are able to bring another important Key Performance Indicator - the Efficiency League Table...
From the extracts of the attached image, we have of course not included the names of the schools.
Four columns include:
  1. GLOBAL COST PER LEARNER: This value is the addition of Electricity and Water cost based per Learner per Day based on Municipal Invoices. The results are fascinating and immediately helps you to understand how your school compares with schools of similar characteristics.
  2. COST OF ELECTRICITY PER: The cost Electricity per Learner per Day is crucial as it illustrates the dimension of the problem, depending on your school's position in the League.
  3. COST OF WATER PER: The cost of Water per Learner per Day is of course as important as the cost of Electricity per Learner per Day and similarly indicates the scale of the problem at your school.
  4. E&W TOTAL COST: This is a straight multiplication of the Global Cost per Learner by the Number of Learners at the school. This column also indicates the school's total cost of Electricity & Water in the current year.
One of the major benefits of the Efficiency League Table is that you as a SGB Member can speak to your peers at more efficient schools to try and understand why the costs at their school is lower than your school, enabling a profound sharing on information between schools.
Those responsible for the finances in the school, will also fine this KPI important, as you will now be able to track annual costs for budgetary purposes, on the effective cost of Electricity and Water per learner.
Of course this information is not available to the general public. In fact, the FirstLook Platform gives the schools Administrators the option to share this information, by enabling a "Share Information" tick box, which forms part of the Schools Profile of FirstLook.
Wouldn't you like to know how your schools Electricity and Water costs compares to other schools in South Africa?
We invite and encourage all schools to be part of FirstLook.
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