KPI - Estimated v Actual Reading

We are happy to report that we have added a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to FirstLook, which now enables you to immediately visualise which of the schools Municipal and Utility invoices has been ESTIMATED and which was an ACTUAL Reading.
This is important because Estimated readings can become quite problematic if the Estimated Readings are over a long period of time. Unless schools are able to understand these differences, quite serious problems are created.
FirstLook has examples where the prolonged Estimated Readings dated back over 12-months, and where the Municipality presented an invoice of over R3,000,000. Yes!!! R3,000,000.
This (we believe) is quite uncommon...however, imaging any school being faced with an invoice of over R3,000,000. In the event, the total invoice was completely incorrect, although the cause of the problem is still unresolved almost 3-years later.
Additional KPI's are being added to FirstLook, aimed at bringing further clarity to the Electricity and Water invoices of schools.
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