LED Lamps - Because it Makes Sense

As can be seen in many blogs over the last 2 years, Suntricity recommends to all schools that their present fluorescent lamps be substituted for LED Lamps.
Schools generally make the change as fluorescent lamps blow, which of course is easy to understand. However, with the present average cost of electricity at approximately R2.50 per kWh in Johannesburg schools, and the affordable prices of LED lamps, the maths is compelling.
LED lamps consume at least 60% less energy. As an example, a common 1500mm Fluorescent Lamp found in all schools we have visited, consumes 58W, where the LED equivalent is 22W. Multiplied by the 100's of lamps installed in schools, payback on investment is less than one year.
It should be said that lighting represents approximately 30% of a schools electricity bill, therefore the effect savings will be between 15% and 20% should all existing lamps be changed to LED's.
It must also be underlined that schools can no longer do nothing because funds are not available to change all the lamps. Change is a gradual process, which can be carried out over months, step by step and as funds are available.
Small incremental changes will have a substantial long-term impact. The challenge is taking the first step. 
Many schools in Johannesburg have taken the first step. Indeed, some schools are almost 100% LED after just 1 year and the results are compelling.
Stimulating this change is indeed one of the many gratifying aspects of the work Suntricity is involved with in schools in Johannesburg and extremely encouraged by the influence we have had. :)