Locating underground water mains

The importance of knowing the layout of underground water mains cannot be overstated. This together with ensuring that each toilet facility has a fully functioning “shut-off value” (stop cock), must be part of the overall strategy of reducing water consumption in schools.

Identifying underground water mains is quite an easy exercise, although is a relatively small cost. Specialist companies have the necessary sonar equipment, able to trace the existence of all metal underground pipes throughout the school and which will also tell inform the actual depth of the pipes. It is also possible to detect the existance of any underground leaks, should this be a problem.

Generally, an external “stop valve” is installed to the external side of the toilet facilities, from where maintenance staff can isolate individual problems, without affecting the water supply to the rest of the school. These must all be located and properly maintained, to ensure good functionality.

Pipes and stop valves should be mapped to an outline plans of the school and kept in a maintenance file for future reference.

If your school does not have a plan of the water mains, please contact us for further information: mail@firstlook.co.za