Make Electricity and Water Costs a Priority in your School

Having spoken to so many people involved in all aspects of the Administration of Schools, a common thread we have observed is that there are so many day-to-day issues to solve and resolve, there is little time to understand Electricity and Water consumption and cost.

Whilst this is very easy to understand, (bearing in mind that the main objective of schools is teaching our children), we do need to understand that the cost of Electricity and Water can be a high percentage of the total budget of the school. In fact, from information we have had confidential access to, the total cost of Electricity and Water, can be far more than the Total Allocation received by schools from the Department of Education.

One case in point is a very typical Primary School, with an annual Electricity and Water cost of approximately R500 000, compared with the approximately R100 000 the school receives annually from the Department for Municipal Services.

How typical this is we are presently investigating. However, this implies that the school must finance approximately R400 000 from school fees. 

It therefore seems that: 
The function that schools have more control over (Electricity and Water Costs), schools spend less time trying to understand and resolve and have the least available data of.

To be sure, understanding Municipal Invoices is relatively easy and extremely cost effective. For as little as R2 900, schools can sign up to FIRSTLOOK™ who will carry out an analyse of Electricity and Water cost over a 4-year period, which generates many Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

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