A New Look for FIRSTLOOK™

To date, FirstLook™ as a Online Platform has focused exclusively on analysing Municipal Electricity and Water Invoices over a period of 3-years from which relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are developed. In parallel, our Real-Time Monitoring data reporting was hosted on a separate online Platform, from which information received every 15-minutes could be visualised. 

This is changing. We are in the ongoing process of merging these data sets onto the First Look Platform, making it possible for schools to gain access to all their data, in one easy to navigate location, dramatically increasing the potential for school's Administrators to immediately prepare up-to-date reports on the Consumption and Cost of Electricity and Water at the school.

In addition, (and being very aware of the limited disposable funds of schools), we are presently preparing additional services, from which schools will be able to choose cost effective monitoring solutions to fit their individual budgets.

We very much look forward to presenting to you the constant evolution of the FirstLook™ Platform during the following months.

For further information please contact mail@firstlook.co.za