New Realities...

From one day to the next something happened. In mid-March 2020 we were told everything will be in lockdown for three weeks...then five weeks, to the end of April 2020...which was then extended to the end of May...and we are told schools will begin to open in June 2020.

Whilst the main function of schools is Learning and Teaching, there is now an additional - and as important - Safety responsibility, that  Administrators and SGB must also guarantee. We fully expect this to continue for the next 18-months, during which time several changes will have been introduced by the schools.

The question we as service providers must ask is: Once schools have adapted to the new realities, will they want to return to the status quo of pre-March 2020.

The reality is of course: THEY WILL NOT!!!

As "Service Providers", we must therefore get to grips to this reality and ask ourselves:
  • What value are we bringing to schools?
  • How do we adapt to their new reality?
  • How can we improve the services to ensure continued added value for schools?
In truth, Suntricity's objectives are quite modest: If we are unable to save the schools more than we charge, we should not be working at the schools.

We focus on reducing costs of Electricity and Water. More will soon be announced in relation to Electricity.

However, in relation to Water Costs, we have made significant strides with the introduction of AQUASTOP™. This was announced in 2019 and we have since continued development and continue to achieve massive Water Savings for schools.

Schools will have noticed that water consumption and costs during the two-month lockdown in April and May has made no change to the Municipal Invoices. Whilst this is in part due to the Estimated Invoices presented by the Municipality (certainly the case in Johannesburg Municipality), Water Consumption and Cost, during the lockdown period, was not ZERO!!!

In this new COVID reality, this is certainly not sustainable!

With the installation of AquaStop™, this is avoidable. And this is precisely the added value that Suntricity can bring to your school...WE SAVE SCHOOLS MONEY.
  • We would love the opportunity to talk to you and to demonstrate how we can help.
  • We can give you references of the savings we are achieving with other schools in Johannesburg. 
  • You can speak directly to your colleagues to find out if what we say is hype to truth...
  • There really is nothing to loose...
Please do not hesitate to contact us on: 072 083 6565 (Hendry van Branden) or 066 307 0893 (Ken Nunes) - Office numbers are of course temporarily not available.

We look forward to hear from you...and in the mean time: Stay Safe...