New Year, Renew Ambitions...2017

With matrix results now being announced, we hope the achievements of your school was an improvement on previous years and wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2017.
The beginning of a new year always gives us an opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved over the past year, and to understand how this will serve as the base for further improvements for the rest of the new year.
At First Look™, we will continue to remind you that there is much to be done relating to Electricity and Water consumption and costs in schools and to let you know that we are here to help in any way possible.
Our focus is of course Energy and Water Efficiency in Schools. In truth, an abundance of data already exist, which will help schools identify their individual problems. We are already very aware that whatever the present annual Electricity and Water costs are, it is possible to achieve reductions by at least 50%...even more.
Some schools have already started to identify where savings can be made, while other will look to begin the process in 2017. In any event, we are able to provide stimulus, direction and strategy to your ambitions, as we understand the problem and solutions of your individual school.
Without doubt, the most important step you will take in the process, is understanding your Electricity and Water consumption and cost. This involves gathering data through the careful study of Municipal Invoices, and may even involve carrying out real-time monitoring, where measurements of consumption are taken every 15 minutes. It is crucially important for school’s Administrators and SGB to fully grasp the need for collecting data and developing indicators.
Our FirstLook™ Online Platform can provide a very cost effective service in the respect and we urge you to sign up for as little as R2,900.00, and begin the process of understanding your present actual costs.

This initial analysis will identify essential Key Performance Indicators as follows:
  • Average monthly Electricity (kWh) and Water (KL) costs.
  • Average annual Electricity and Water consumption and costs.
  • Estimated and Actual Readings of Municipal Invoices.
  • Average kWh and KL cost.
  • Each school forms part of a Cost League Table for Primary and Secondary/High Schools, clearly identifying the best and worst performers.
From this data, will be able to understand if your school needs real-time monitoring, from which we will be able to identify the viability of a variety of interventions.
The need for efficiency and cost reduction is important and Suntricity is here to help you every step of the way. Please contact us on 011 534 8695 or by e-mail: