Northcliff High Leading the Way in Solar PV

It is with great pleasure I can report that NORTHCLIFF HIGH, in Johannesburg, now has a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system as part of a strategy to reduce cost of electricity.
After two years of electricity data monitoring carried out by Suntricity, and having already replaced a significant part of the existing fluorescent lamps for efficient LED's, Northcliff High is further leading the way by taking the ambitious step of installing Solar PV.
The Solar PV System went "live" in the middle of September 2017, and will generate approximately 48,000kWh of clean, renewable electricity each year for the next 25 years.
With Payback on investment in less than 5-years, Northcliff High can count on the subsequent 20 years of FREE RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY from Sun.
The installation is intended as Phase 1 of the schools renewable energy policy, which will be expanded as further data is received.
We congratulate all the decision makers at NORTHCLIFF HIGH for leading the way and taking this "first step", which must be considered more a "giant leap" in Solar PV for Schools