Positive Experience - CoJ E-Service Call Centre

So often, we have heard about extremely negative experiences of our Municipalities and Utilities call centres (Trevor Noah's report on ESKOM is probably the best/worst albeit very exaggerated), that we tend to forget that real people are trying to respond to our need.

I had occasion to speak to the GENERAL ENQUIRES 0860 562 874, to report a problem on behalf of one of our schools in Johannesburg.

Calling the number, I was almost immediately put through a recorded voice, advising me to click one of a variety of options to speak to the person that would best be able to help. After a few clicks, I was speaking to Filomena, who kindly asked how I could help, which I proceeded to explain.

At this stage, it is important to be prepared, as you will be asked some questions which relate to your school, the name and contact number of the school, the account number and the specific meter number you are enquiring about. You may also be asked for the EMIS of the school. These are all basic questions that enables the person to verify who you say you are and that you have the authority to act on behalf of the school.

Filomena quickly understood the problem, registered the enquire and importantly gave me the 800 number that all future references with the Municipality on the issue will relate. It is therefore important to keep this 800 number for your record. The number also means that your request will be processed and that the Municipality will respond in 30-days.

I was quietly surprised and very impressed at how quick, easy and positive the experience was.

My recommendation: Don't be scared to register your problem with the Municiplaity at any time. Have all your details at hand, so that when the person asks for details, you don't get frustrated, which tend to create other situations easily avoidable. :)