SIGN UP for Suntricity Manual Water Monitoring Program

For the last 6 years, Suntricity has carried out extensive real-time monitoring of Electricity and Water in Schools in Gauteng, providing critical data from which efficiency measures can be determined. Real-Time Monitoring is however an expensive operation, which involves the installation of a “check meter” together with monitoring data equipment, data-loggers, and much more, together with monthly reporting for a period of 12 months. 

Check Meters essentially duplicates Municipal infrastructure, as the Municipality does not share smart meter data. Suntricity has therefore developed an Application, to manually monitor water consumption at schools, which relies on photographic data of the Municipal Water Meter, sent by a member of the schools’ Maintenance Team at 7am and 4pm every school day. This action eliminates the installation of expensive equipment and minimises the involvement of Suntricity, whilst providing time stamped evidence of the water meter readings, from which we are able to establish:

  • Water Consumption DURINGSchool Hours – 7am to 4pm
  • Water Consumption OUTSIDESchool Hours – 4pm to 7am  

This Manual Monitoring methodology has been tried and tested at 10 Primary Schools in Johannesburg, where it was found that over 50% of water is consumed OUTSIDE of School Hours.

Suntricity would like to invite your school to begin a 4-month Manual Monitoring Programme for an introduction cost of R2,850.00.

The programme is intended to begin on the 1st November 2018 and end on the 28th February, including the important holiday period, when all schools will be closed.

With Water Costs having increased in Johannesburg by 20% since June 2018, every cost saving measure has become a priority for all schools.

Should your school wish to SIGN UP, please contact