The AquaStop™ Effect 2022

AquaStop™ have been installed in schools since 2018 and we have in several articles illustrated the enormous saving potential of the system.

We recently completed the installation of AquaStop™ at Bramley Primary School in Johannesburg, where initially, water consumption was found to be over 50% - see this for a full report on case studies

The image above gives further details on the Bramley Primary savings, where the  AquaStop™ Case Studies 2022, explores the following:


  • Schools are operational between 6AM & 6PM (12-hours). The other 12-hours they are essentially empty.
  • The average school year is 200 days, therefore for 165 days the school is closed.
  • There are 8,760 hours per year (365x 4). Therefore, for 2,400-Hours (200x12) the school is operational and 6,360-Hours Non-Operational - 30% Operational and 70% Non-Operational.

It is of course appreciated that schools will have many events outside these basic times during the course of the year, together with a variety of nocturnal usages, even staff living on site, which would influence the numbers. However, the vast majority of these events will involve a small number of people and water usage should be limited and certainly should not be responsible for 50% of total consumption.

After all the research and countless hours of discussions, we concluded that in order to eliminate water waste outside of school hours, we needed a solution that would TURN WATER ON during the 2,400 operational hours of the school year and TURN WATER OFF for a maximum period of the 6,360 non-operational hours. 

This, in a nutshell, led to the development of AQUASTOP™.

If you believe your school is spending too much money on Water, Suntricity will carry out a FREE ANALYSIS. 

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