The Benefits of Saving Water

The following is a very simple calculation that all schools need to understand:
  1. Water cost approximately R61.50 per KL. This figure includes the Municipality's Water Charges, Sewage Charges and VAT are all included in this base cost.
  2. Saving 5KL per day. Studying the schools day-time and night-time water consumption for a minimum of 30-day we are able to determine potential savings.
  3. Cost of 5KL per day. It most schools Suntricity has monitored, saving 5KL a day is not difficult. This implies a cost saving of 5KL x 365 days x R61.50 per KL = R112,237.50 saving.
Truth is, most schools can quite easily achieve this savings through good maintenance, coupled with the installation of Suntricity's exclusively developed AQUASTOP™. In fact, savings of 50% of water consumption has already been achieved on schools where AquaStop™ is presently installed.
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