The R2Billion Question - Revisited

In April 2017, we published an article entitled A TWO BILLION RAND QUESTION, discussing the cost of Electricity and Water in Gauteng Schools. Certain assumptions were made which we felt needed to be explored in detail and with more precise data, in order to verify the assumptions.

This article revisits the theme and goes into further detail, with the aim of establishing a more precise value of electricity and water costs in schools, utilising Municipal Invoices of 36 schools.

The conclusion is not far from the initial estimate, which established the Total Cost of Electricity and Water in Schools in 2017 in Gauteng was R1,898,782,711.00. (yes...that's R1.898 Billion...)

...Just shy of the initial TWO BILLION RAND ESTIMATE...and should still be a worry to GDE Administrators...

The Report is quite detailed and we are happy to share with anyone interested on request to