Water and Sewage Charged in Ekurhuleni Municipality

We were recently invited to visit a schools in Ekuhuleni Municipality, where we were given sight of the Ekurhuleni Municipality invoice relating to Electricity & Water, which although the content (of the invoice) is "essentially" the same, it has to be said that the Johannesburg Municipality invoices are more detailed, indeed much "clearer". However, that's just about where any the similarity comes to an abrupt halt...costs of services (both electricity and water) in the Ekurhurleni Municipality is significantly lower, when compared to Johannesburg Municipality.

Electricity costs in Ekurhuleni is R1.11 per kWh in Johannesburg R1.60 per kWh.

Water costs in Ekurhuleni is R12.09 per KL in Johannesburg R17.2 per KL.

Sewage costs in Ekurhuleni is R6.06 per KL in Johannesburg R17.40 per KL.

The above values are based on 2014/2015 charges and do not include VAT.

There may of course be many good of reason to justify this not insignificant difference, and we shall report further on this issue as other Municipalities throughout South Africa are added to the First Look database over the coming weeks.

Interesting follow up questions would imply budget allocations by the Department of Education for schools falling within the Johannesburg Municipality, where these additional electricity and water charges would create further strain on the already limited budget of the schools... :(