Water Consumption During COVID-19 Imposed Lockdown 2020

Manu of Firstlook™ Blogs have, since 2015, stressed the importance of data capture and data analysis. The CV-19 imposed lockdown, provided a unique opportunity and perspective, to totally understand water consumption during an extended period, where no one was at the school for an unusually extended period.

The data presented in the graphs below, gives us an insight into two schools where AQUASTOP™ is installed:

School Nº 1: Where photos of the Municipal Water Meter was taken every day at 6am and at 6pm from January to July 2020, INCLUDING the lockdown period.

School Nº 2: Where photos of the Municipal Water Meter was taken every day at 6am to 6pm from January to July 2020, NOT INCLUDING the lockdown period.

At School 1, we were able to programme AQUASTOP™ to provide adequate water needs for the security guards present on site during the lockdown. At School 2, as no one was at the school, photos were not available during the lockdown - 26th March to 18th May.

Analysing the data at School 2, immediately after the lockdown in May, we realised that there was a "hidden leak" which was being "masked" by AQUASTOP™. (NOTE: Pre-Lockdown, the OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS CONSUMPTION was "acceptable" and we felt comfortable with this consumption).
Immediately after the lockdown period was lifted, we were able to discuss this with the school, who carried out an extended search and discovered and repaired the leak causing the problem, which resulted in significant savings, primarily to DURING SCHOOL HOURS consumption.

Schools are not generally aware of their Water Consumption DURING and OUTSIDE School Hours, which from extensive research carried out by Suntricity, can vary between 40% to 60%.

Suntricity provides a service where one of the schools' Maintenance Team can take a photo via FIRSTLOOK™ Online Application, automatically uploaded to the Platform, which generates the images detailed in this Blog.

This is an extremely LOW COST intervention, with the potential of achieving significant savings. With Water Costs in Johannesburg now an average of R75.58 per KL, (as of 1st July 2020) it really is imperative for schools to begin to take control of their Water Consumption as a matter of priority.

For more information, please contact: mail@suntricity.co.za