Water Restriction Surcharge

As a result of the continued drought and water shortage in Gauteng, several Municipalities recently announced an additional surcharge for excessive water consumption.

So it was no surprise to see this month (October 2016) Municipal Invoice of an Ekuruhleni School, which details exactly this: "WA-RESTR-SURCH" (which we assumed translates to: Water Restriction Surcharge). See invoice extract...

What is interesting is that the school was also given a "quota" for the month, from which the additional surcharge is applied. It is not exactly clear how this quota is calculated or attributed, which will know doubt become clearer in the future.

From our part, we welcome this initiative.

True, this is another financial onus for schools to support. However, it is a "wake up call" and more importantly a "call for action" to all consumers (including schools) that water efficiency must be a PRIORITY.

Waste is simply no longer an option!!!

PS: Thought for Municipalities:
Yes punish high consumers...BUT... what if the school consumes LESS THAN THEIR ATTRIBUTED QUOTA - a credit would be 
absolutely in order!!! :)