What a difference a day makes…

Efficiency is knowledge based. We need data to understand problems, and we need effective solutions, with a lot of persistence and collaboration, to resolve the problems.

The snapshot image perfectly illustrates this. The graph details water consumption at a school (not identified) on the 1st May 2015, compared with the 1st July 2015.

The data is captured through online monitoring and depicts the scale of the problem encountered when online monitoring began. The indications are clear: With a daily consumption on the 1st May 2015 of 79.27 KL. There is no need to be reminded that the 1st May was a public holiday, i.e. the school was closed.

On inspection (and it has to be said extreme deligence) by the school caretaker, several underground leaks were discovered and immediately repaired.


Online Readings taken on the 1st July 2015 (a school holidays), shows the savings made.

Consumption has now dropped to 7.28 KL per day... a saving of 71.99KL per DAY.

This translates to approximately 2,000 KL per month; with water costs at ±R17.00 per KL (plus VAT) (not contemplating the 14% increase from the 1st July 2015), a saving of R40.000.00 per month, excluding sewage costs.

Online monitoring carried out by Suntricity.