Manual Water Meter Monitoring for Schools in SA

Having carried out Real-Time Water Monitoring and more recently Manual Water Meter Monitoring at schools in the Johannesburg, you may be surprised to learn that Water consumption OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS, can be as high as 60%. Just to clarify: Outside of School Hours is the period when NO ONE IS AT THE SCHOOL, I.E. DURING THE NIGHT, WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS... :)

This phenomena was first identified through Real-Time Monitoring carried out at 10-schools in Johannesburg. As Real-Time Monitoring can be quite expensive, we decided to carry out manual water meter readings, where a member of the school's maintenance staff takes note of the Municipal Water Meter Reading at 07:00 and 16:00 every school day.

This identifies the schools' Water Consumption During School Hours (between 7am and 4pm) and Outside School Hours (between 4pm and 7am). 

To make this task easier, more accurate, document "proof to the contrary", together with providing your school a Platform for sharing data, Suntricity has create AquaStop Data, an addition to FirstLook™, where water meters at any schools can form part of an extended manual monitoring programme.

It is therefore with pleasure that we invite all schools in South Africa to join us and be part of this very effective study for a period of 4-months, at a cost of R2,850. The data provided will be valuable for your school to identify if a problem exist and provide the impetus to begin your journey to reduce water consumption and costs in schools.

Considering COJ water cost have increased by almost 20% from June 2019, the almost 1,500 schools in Johannesburg would certainly be encouraged to begin this simple and inexpensive manual monitoring programme.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 011 534 8695 or by e-mail: