Why so much focus on Water - Explanation Requested

This was an explanation request by a friend after some days reading First Look Blog...

To be sure, water consumption and costs are by far the biggest problem in schools we are involved with. As mentioned in previous blogs, from a cost perspective, it really is critical. Schools simply cannot budget to receive a Municipal Invoice, for water, of R80.000.00.

Schools are able to budget for consumption and may even be able to budget for implementing efficiency measures. They are, however, unable to budget for the high consumption, caused by waste. Waste can go unseen and undetected for months and creates havoc to the accounting system.

From a cost perspective, it is therefore important to "focus" on water.

We are also very aware of the environmental concerns surrounding water in South Africa, particularly during the dry winter periods (in Johannesburg at least) where it hardly rains for months.

Recent press announcements of water restrictions in KZN and Bloemfontein (see MyGreenSchool for updates) gives us further indications of the urgent need of avoiding and eliminating waste.

Every Drop Counts...

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